Home Building 101

In some of these posts, I will describe the experience of building our dream house. I looked at this project as a giant sculptural art project and it’s been a busy 2 years of designing and building our dream home here in Denver. After living in the foothills in Golden for the past 11 years, we wanted to move back to the city and be able to walk to neighborhood shops and parks. It took a lot of planning and researching to start with. In order to make this dream home a reality, we needed to sell our mountain condo and sell our home in Golden before we could buy property in Denver. Then the search was on for the right location and a run down house that we could renovate or tear down. We found a great location in Platt Park with an existing “barn” house and a pear tree. We speculate the pear tree is remaining from the orchards that were growing in the area some 100 years ago. The extension from the barn was added to 1982 along with a detached garage. After we acquired the property in August 2010, we started the design process with Moore Koenigsberg Architecture. I knew Jon Koenigsberg from our time together as artists at NEXT Gallery. He and his wife Eileen have strong background in modern architecture and they were a nice fit for our project. At this point we were excited to get into the design process; laying out the rooms and considering the flow of the space and how it affects the exterior facade. Little did we know some of the design challenges were ahead.